A picture of a Maine coon take in 1895

Main coons are alson known as 'Long haired cats' in America. They are domestic cats with valuable hunting abilities.

They are the oldest natrual breed in North America and were threatened when other long haired breeds from over the seas were introduced in the early 20th Centuary. however this particular breed was highly popular in the 19th Centuary.

Main Coons have a large bone structure, Longer hair than other domestic cats and a rectangular body shape.

Maine Coons' HistoryEdit

The ansests and origions of  Main coon are unknown however there is a possible connection bettween Norwegion Forest cats and the main coons. Norwegion Forrest cats are said to be desended from cats that travelled with Vikings.


  • Main coons are supposidly related to Racoons
  • They are easily identifiyed by their long silky fur
  • They have a thick ruff of fur under their throats
  • They are the second most popular cat in the world.